Friday   February 5    8:00pm     The Blusers

Blues Avenue Records is having an event at Kim’s Lakeside with David john Dolan and the Blusers and they will be kicking things up a notch when they take to the stage area at Kim’s. The blues great DeeWee Hayes will be there to join in on the action so come join the fun and bring a friend!

Friday   February 12     8:00pm     The Jon Stone Band

The Jon Stone Band is a Milwaukee-based band that pays tribute to the country music outlaws like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and David Allan Coe. We are SUPER Stoked to welcome them back to Kim's - it's been way too long!!

Friday   February 19     8:00pm     Twang Dragons

“What the hell’s a Twang Dragon? What kind of music do ya play?” If we had a gold record for every time we’ve heard those questions... Actually, it’s easier to describe what we aren’t. We’re not exactly country. Not exactly rock. And definitely not country rock. But we’re enough of all those things to fit most any venue.

Open Mic

Every Tuesday at 8:00pm Kim's features Pewaukee Lake's Best Open Mic and provides all equipment necessary - P.A., drum kit, keyboard, bass and guitar rig and the area's best musicians are there to rock the dock! All performers receive one complimentary beverage and all talent levels are welcome. Bring your axe, harp, horn, voice or any musical instrument you love and get ready for the Tuesday Night Music Club at Kim's Lakeside!

February 2, 6 and 16

Host - Robert Allen Jr.

Kim's Lakeside

February 23

Host - Augie Barnhart

Friday   February 26     8:0pm     Pigeon Pussy featuring Augie Barnhart

We all know with Augie you never know.....Can't wait to see what this night will bring - We do know it will be big fun and GREAT music - see you then!